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We are a team of experienced movers and you can rely on us to make your moving experience a memorable one.

Shifting from or to a condo or apartment requires more attention and care than relocating a home. Extra care is needed to make sure that the doors, walls, floors of the apartment and your furniture is not damaged. 

Navigating stairs, parking the truck, narrow hallways, and loading the furniture on the elevator can be a headache if not planned beforehand. You will also have to follow the strict schedule and stick with it to avoid any hassle with the building management.  

Our movers at Yentroc Movers are dedicated to help you without causing any loss or damage to your treasured possessions, or to your new place. We help you prepare your furniture for moving, packing fragile items, kitchen supplies, and all items for a safe move – from packing to unloading the last piece of your belongings to your living space, we do it all for you.

If you’re stressed about getting your bed and couch up and down the stairs or the elevator, we’re here to extend our help for you. We’ll do all the heavy item lifting for you, from beds to the recliners. We are also experienced at moving piano and gun-safe vaults.

Yentroc Movers has an experienced team of movers dedicated to serving the communities around Atlanta, GA. We love our customers and we go an extra mile to take care of all their moving needs. We love relocating families to their dream houses. There is no moving issue that we can not take care of. We are here to help you in making your moving experience smooth, no matter what the circumstances are.

Whether you are relocating to pursue your dream job, or relocating to a new area to attend a new college, we are here to help. There are many famous colleges and universities in our area that you can apply to. We can also help you in moving apartments and dorms on campus. You can also get your belongings packed by us if you are tired of wrapping all the large and small items yourself. You can trust us to provide you with on-time and safe moving services. We will work tirelessly to make this moving journey hassle-free for you. 

Or if things have been going great with your partner, and you’re now ready to take things one step further and planning for cohabitation. Is the house of your partner spacious and you are terrified about how the combined efforts of you and your partner wouldn’t be enough to bring all your belongings up into the house?  

Or maybe you have found an attractive residential property in the suburbans where you always wanted to live with your loved ones?  It’d take several trips in your SUV or your husband’s sedan to deliver things from your old house or condo to your dream home.If you are facing any such scenario or other, we are here to help. We are a reputed moving company and you can trust our reputation for efficient moving services. We also offer storage services so if you need to store your belongings before, during, or after your move, we can store it for you in our storage units. If you are worried about the safety of your precious items during the moving process like antiques, paintings, etc, you can have such items stored safely in our storage units.

There are times when life takes you to new and exciting places. Whether you have received a job acceptance letter for your dream job, or want to go to another state to look after your parents, or just want to move to a cabin in a peaceful location in the middle of the woods, we are here for you. 

There are chances that the belongings you need to take with yourself won’t fit in your SUV. This is where our long distance moving services come in handy. We are a small moving company, but we can move you to your new place in any other state safe and sound. We can help you establish your new place and settle in your new house with our reliable long-distance moving services. 

The thought of someone else moving and driving your furniture away might seem exhilarating but it comes with a stressful thought of what if my belongings are not safe with these people, what if any scam moving company takes my furniture to an auction. Your fears are justified, but with us, you need not to be afraid. We are here to take all your fears away and take some of the stress from your shoulders to make your long-distance moving experience hassle-free for you. Our movers are experienced in providing timely delivery of your items, amidst all the traffic jams or any situation. 

We have a fleet of moving vehicles that are well-maintained and equipped with a GPS-tracking system for you to stay informed about your treasured possessions. Our movers are experienced and well-equipped to provide “white-glove” service, allowing you to have an open-communication with the company and the movers. Our staff is highly trained, professional, and experienced at providing you with a safe and on-time moving experience.

Even if you have bodybuilder truck driving family members who can lift large and heavy items, you still can not ensure the safety of your belongings during the packing, lifting, loading, and unloading process. To prevent your furniture, glass items, antiques, decor, etc, from damage you need to plan the packing process smartly or you can hire Yentroc Movers to take care of this task for you.

Along with our packing services, we also offer storage services to store your belongings in a secure climate-controlled unit. You can have your favorite painting, the antique you bought from an auction, or the decor you bought from your travel, or any large furniture item in our storage units. You can put your trust in us to store your items safely and securely in our warehouses.


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